Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Country Bride's Gotta Thank All Her Cowgirls! my trip to Nashville was tons of fun and got me thinking of new ideas for gift bags...

...while walking around Nashville, I came across a few country gifts and got an idea about creating a gift that a bride could use to thank her bridesmaids. I thought that if anyone out there was having a country wedding or even just liked country and western things, this might be a cute idea to thank your friends for being there for you.

...this is just a little mock up I threw together (literally... I made the tags really fast, just to see what they would look like... hence the pencil lines, lol!) with some things I picked up while down south...

... I bought a really cute brown canvas bag with blue cowboy boots stamped on it. It's got this great striped ribbons for handles, and the brown and blue combination is really pleasing. I thought that it would be a great little bag that your country lovin' friends could use after the wedding, as it is made of ncie quality canvas and has a velcro fastener inside the bag. I also think that you could recreate this bag by buying plain canvas bags yourself , and stamping an image on the bag at home. That way you could choose your very own theme!

... anyway, I also found some country themed cookie cutters in the shapes of cowboy hats, stars, musical notes, and guitars. Not only would they make great edible additions to the gift bag (I have yet to try them out with a cookie recipe, but will definitely post pics when I do!), but I also used them as stencils to shape the tags for the contents of the bag. I made a great "name tag" for the bag by cutting out light brown and dark brown cowboy hats and layering them on top of one another to provide some depth!

... here are some more photos...

... these photos show some details of the contents...I also found in Nashville some lotion and lipbalm by Tennessee Cowgirl, and I thought that they would be a great addition to a girly thank you bag for your bridesmaids... I also found a mini bottle of champagne and a champagne glass and figured all these elements together might make for a great girls night in with your fave gals, celebratin' with some bubbly and lookin' pretty!

...all the tags and the note to the bridesmaid have a little bit of a country twist, just to keep up the fun of the theme!

... hope you like it! I thought it was fun to play around with this theme and find some fun fonts to make the bag complete. It's just a rough draft, not all the details completely worked out, but I was so excited to share this idea!

... hope you all had a great weekend, have a fun and creative week!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tweet Tweet...

... Woods&Company is now on Twitter! Follow me at

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Exciting Day For Woods&Co...

... I was featured in the Fall 2009 Wedding Guide on Daily Candy San Francisco! I have to thank Diona Polito for putting the ball in motion for me to be on DC. It really was unexpected, thrilling, and an honor.

... I am happy to say that I have received very positive feedback and I am looking forward to exploring some new opportunities that seem to be coming my way. is the link to the *short* blurb, which has a link to my website...check it out, tell your friends, I am happy to work with you for whatever event you are planning! Wedding, shower, birthday party, anniversary... you name it!

...p.s. I am putting together another "Work In Progress" post with a project inspired by Nashville...look out all you Cowgirls out there!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Whew! What a time in Nashville...

... so I spent Wednesday through Friday in Nashville for a work trip, and I had a great time! We stayed in downtown Nashville and had some time to hang out in Music City and get to know the South!

... here are some photos from my trip... food... some ribs and a very southern lunch...

... but aside from the food, I was really interested in some of the scenes of Nashville, the architecture and the culture...

... and no trip to Nashville would be complete without a little cowboy...

... it was a great trip, I'd definitely go back!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Greetings from Music City, y'all!

I'm on a business trip to Nashville, TN, and I'm having a great time! I hope to have many more photos and maybe some inspiration tomorrow after I tour around a little!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

ahh...Napa in the fall...

... today my husband Jeff and I had the honor of attending my friend Abby's wedding in the gorgeous Napa Valley. It was a beautiful day

... I should point out that this is the first weekend in October. Now, I know that is obvious. But, what you probably don't realize is that the first weekend in October seems to be the most popular wedding weekend of the year! Today marked the FOURTH YEAR in a row that we had a wedding to attend on this particular weekend. And I understand why! ALL FOUR weddings have been so beautiful and so filled with happiness and love. Two were in Napa, one in the lovely wine country of the East Bay, and one in Lake Tahoe... I had had the honor and the privilege of being at and involved in each one of the weddings. this year, we traveled to the BEAUTIFUL Auberge du Soleil in Rutherford, CA, in the Napa Valley. Now, Jeff and I were very excited for this wedding for a few reasons, not the least of which being seeing our friends get married! However, one of the four weddings we have attended on this weekend was ALSO at Auberge, 3 years ago. So, Jeff and I were so excited to return to a wedding venue that we KNEW was gorgeous, had wonderful staff, and delicious food! We were not let down today. Abby's wedding was such a wonderful time, a beautiful ceremony, a great band, delicious wine, and yummy food. The weather was incredible and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves... the only thing we would change is the fact that we both have to work tomorrow!

...anyway, please enjoy the pictures from this most beautiful of days!