Tuesday, July 6, 2010

...Toss It All In There!

... So today I was walking down Chestnut Street, enjoying the quiet holiday Monday morning. I had just gotten a really great pedicure (Jeff and I are headed to a wedding later this week and the toesies were in need of some serious attention), and had to run an errand at Paper Source (of course!) before heading home.

... Along my way from the nail salon to Paper Source, I approached a store called "Toss"  (http://www.tossdesigns.com/ ) that I had noticed from afar but hadn't yet explored. Mostly because every time I think about it Jeff is with me, and it is really not his kind of store. However, today, I was alone, and it was such a relaxed day, I thought I'd pop in to see what was what with this store.

... OH MY GOODNESS I FOUND A NEW FAVORITE STORE! The preppy New Englander in me just about jumped out of her skin and could barely contain her excitement. Toss is a great store if you are looking for a treat for yourself or a stylish little something for a friend. Tote bags, cosmetics bags, travel accessories, cute bar supplies, even sweet little sandals, shoes,and jewlrey, Toss is a great place to find gifts for your particular event. I was shopping for a little something for myself, but I couldn't help get inspired for a Bridesmaid Thank You Gift.

... I have a friend who is planning to use navy blue and green as her wedding colors and I thought I would play on that for inspiration. I discovered that Toss carries a line of trendy, sturdy, and very reasonably priced eco-friendly bags by Bella (http://www.youarebella.com/). At $8.00 a bag, they are the perfect starting point for a beautiful gift for your bridesmaids. It is the kind of bag your gal can use later on to tote her lunch to work, or slip into her purse for use on the run. This bag folds up with a cute snap! Refuse that plastic bag from the store and slip your purchase into your fab Bella bag!

... Hmmm, but how to dress this fabulous bag up a little more and make it unique for your 'maids? Grab one of Toss' fantastic stick on monograms! These monograms are stitched fabric with a sticky back, so they can be applied to a multitude of items to make it your own! I chose the navy blue and white "T", and I love it with the green! The monogram is also "re-stickable" so your 'maid can take it off of this tote and throw it on another one if she likes! And, they are a steal!

... So, I just went from there. I could build a whole gift out of these two items that I picked up, and I WILL. However, I was just so excited to show these finds to you, I have only so far done the "exterior". I whipped up a little "bag tag" for this gift using navy blue card stock, green polka-dotted paper, and a little label printed in navy ink. I adhered it to the bag with some white ribbon and was ready to photograph!

... So, this creation is definitely "to be continued". I already have ideas for not only what items would be fabulous IN this bag, but how those items can be personalized.

... so check out Toss Designs and Bella totes and get inspired for your own event! Be sure to check back in with me to see where this design is gonig to go!

...Happy summer, everyone!