Thursday, September 23, 2010

...Follow Up on Some Wedding Programs...

... a LONG time ago, I posted an entry called "Teaser" and it was an image of some wedding programs I was doing for a wedding back in May. I told you all that I would post more pictures after the event. Well, I never followed up, and that makes me sad.

... One of the reasons why I have not yet followed up is because I really wanted to get some images of the programs AT the wedding, but I have not been able to get my hands on any!

... I was just going through some photos and I did find some images of the programs that I took myself during assembly, as well as a shot of them all completed. This will give you an idea of how the programs looked overall.

... The project was pretty simple. The bride sent me an image of this style of program, and I adapted it for her wedding. She really liked the simplicity of having the programs connected at the corner, and we decided on a moss green ribbon that complimented her wedding. We decided against a bow and instead went with a simple knot at the corner.

... The flower graphic was from her wedding invitations, and we just repeated it throughout the programs in full color on the front and watermarked on the subsequent pages.

... All the paper is from Paper Source, and the ribbon was from Fantastico here in San Francisco (a GREAT place to get large quantities of ribbon at very very low prices!)

... The front page of the program

...Ribbons cut and ready to be put to work!

... The "assembly line', all pages laid out and ready to be put together!

... Finished Product...

... Voila! All done and ready to head to the bride for her big day!