Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Dandelion is a really neat little gift store here in San Francisco... whether or not you are looking for gifts for your big day or just a place to get something unique... check it out... www.dandelionsf.com

Another Big Thank You...

...I also need to thank my brother Joe, who lives in D.C. Joe is an incredibly talented writer who(in his spare time) works for the Washington, D.C. based theatre company Solas Nua. Solas Nua is a Washington theatre company, "dedicated to bringing contemporary Irish arts and culture to America". They produce some wonderful work!

Solas Nua graciously and very generously has offered to place and advertisement for Woods&Company in the program of their upcoming production, Pumpgirl. Woods&Company hits the east coast!

If you live in D.C., or are planning to take a trip, you need to check out Solas Nua's website, www.solasnua.org 

Thank You!

I really need to take a minute to thank Nessa Sander from Card Girl Invitations. Nessa designed my wedding invitations (which I LOVED!!!) and has been an overwhelming source of encouragement and support with the launch of Woods&Company. 

Nessa does beautiful, creative, original work. If you are planning a wedding or another event, you really need to check out her website www.card-girl.com 

Thanks a million, Nessa!