Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Navy and White Old School Camp Themed Welcome Gifts

Who doesn't love a good care package? A special note, goodies packed with love, your favorite snacks to savor when away from home. When I was a camp counselor in high school, my mother used to send me cookies, marshmallows, my mail from home, and written summaries of what was happening on my favorite soap opera, All My Children (Yes, I'm old.).

Anyway, when you go to a wedding and get a welcome gift, it's kind of like getting a little care package from someone you really care about. ESPECIALLY if the wedding you are attending happens to actually BE at a camp!

And that brings me to my latest wedding welcome gifts project! The client was actually the brother of a former-camper-turned-client of mine for whom I did work during the summer of 2010 (see my posts on that event here and here). Daniel and his now-bride, Maile, got married on August 25th at Camp Pasquaney on Newfound Lake in New Hampshire. Sheer bliss, if you ask me!

They had a weekend filled with fun, relaxing events centered around camp! Good times with friends, bride's side vs. groom's side soccer game, and swimming and boating, and a wedding, of course!

The welcome gifts reflected the camp spirit and easy weekend. We used the seal from Camp Pasquaney to make the gifts personal for this event. A pine tree motif was added to the seal to complete the camp theme. 

A play on a classic camp postcard welcomed each guest with a note from Daniel and Maile!

In addition to the postcard, guests also found a list of their camp "Activities" and places to sneak off camp for some good "Grub" in the area. In case guests forgot their canteens, water bottles were also included in their care packages. 

A great weekend for everyone in a beautiful setting!

Congratulations to Daniel and Maile!