Wednesday, June 23, 2010

... 3 *blissful* years...

...Three years ago today, I said "I Do" to my amazing husband Jeff...

... I planned and planned and planned and loved my wedding, and in the end, it was the reason why Woods&Company was started!

...The day was a gorgeous San Francisco day, sunny but not hot and not an ounce of fog to be seen! Clear blue skies, we could see the ocean from the steps of St. Cecelia's where we said our vows... the day was perfect for wedding photos taken with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, photos taken at the very spot where Jeff proposed a year before...

... The beautiful day continued at the Marines Memorial Club near Union Square (an AMAZING venue if any of you are looking for an elegant place to have your reception. The place is gorgeous, and the service and food there is out of this world. I did not have to worry about a THING.). We ate, drank, laughed, and danced well into the night.

... It was my favorite day of my life so far ;)

...I love you Jeff, here's to many more years and many more favorite days (October 19, 2010 maybe??)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

... I Do...Again!

...'Tis the season for weddings, but 'tis also the season for remembering why you got married in the first place!

... Thus, I thought it was sweet when I was contacted to make some welcome boxes for a woman who is renewing her wedding vows this week. Now, if you think planning a wedding is hectic, imaging essentially planning a wedding while shuttling the kids around to and from school, sports practices, music lessons, etc. Add to THAT your eldest child's high school graduation a week before your big event! That's pretty much what my client was dealing with... the life resulting from the wonderful marriage she is celebrating, while trying to plan her vow renewals. Whew! I was more than happy to help. Especially since Jeff and I are celebrating our third anniversary next week... it got me thinking and appreciating what a wonderful marriage, life and husband I myself have!

... My client and her husband are really turning their vow renewal into a celebration of (and with!) family and friends. They had a whole week of fun activities planned for their guests (the itinerary for the week was included in the gifts) culminating in the wonderful "main event" on Friday night at Terra in San Francisco. I also helped coordinate the favors for her guests... French macarons in small white boxes tied with a ribbon...yum!

... As for the gift boxes, many of the guests were travelling from afar, so we put in some water, tissues, chocolate, and some "on the road necessities" such as Tylenol to make the guests as comfortable as possible. We included in each one a beautiful postcard of a San Francisco scene, so the guests could take away a little something of SF when they left.

... It was a project on a fast timeline, but I think that made it even better. It was simple, clean, and elegant, and I was really happy with the way everything turned out!

Congratulations (again!) Shiela and Curt!

...hello, Cow Hollow!

... well, it has been 3 weeks and Jeff and I are getting settled into our new place. So far, so good! We really like it!!

... we recently moved from the South of Market area of San Francisco (SOMA) to the Cow Hollow area of San Francisco. Our new neighborhood is pretty residential, our place is a block away from the Presidio, and we are close to a bunch of great restaurants and shops. I am most especially excited that there is a Paper Source within walking distance!! Yippee!

... Our new place is a two bedroom old-school San Francisco apartment. I LOVE it! It is bright and airy and has tons of built in storage. I finally have a special place to display my china, and our everyday dishes look great in our glass front cabinets. We have beautiful hardwood floors and a great walk in closet. Our baby will have it's own room, and I can't wait to decorate it! We are still getting everything set up, but I have some pictures from our first weeks in the new place. Enjoy!

First of all, this is a Shreve Gurgling Fish Pitcher. It is a very traditional gift in New England. I happened to receive 2 for our wedding, and I have them proudly displayed on our built in hutch. Gotta have little touches of home here in SF!

A view of our bedroom... we are still settling in, so excuse the sparseness!

I have managed to get some of our framed pictures displayed. These are some of my favorites that are in our bedroom.

A view into our bedroom from our living/dining room. I LOVE the colors, the lightness, and the french doors.

Our built in hutch in the breakfast nook. I love it! It has a SURPRISING amount of storage, and I was able to get ALL my china, crystal, small appliances, serving plates, and various and sundry other kitchen items in this space. Plus I just love how clean and bright it is. (Note the gurgling fish pitchers on the right!)

Our everyday dishes, bowls and mugs found a home in the glass front cabinets. I love the way the green looks against the white. The picture does not do it justice.

And then there are the great details. You probably noticed the moulding on the walls and maybe even the dark wood border on the light wood floors. This moulding detail is one of two that is found on the archway into our kitchen. Beautiful!

And finally, I have to day welcome to our 12 new large everyday plates. They have found a home on our hutch. They replace our old 12 large everyday plates that were dropped by the movers (it was clearly an issue of poor packing. They were packed last and hastily. A box of china was dropped at the same time, and all items were in perfect condition when unpacked!). All 12 were broken. That was the only casualty of the move, and thank goodness! Aside from this mishap, the movers were fantastic. We would highly recommend them.

We are still settling in the other areas of the house, so I'll update when everything is picture ready!

Enjoy your weekend, I hope it is nice wherever you are. Here in SF it actually feels like a New England summer, sunny and warm, and even a little sweaty! :)