Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fun in the Sun... Run...

...What makes every product launch awesome? Custom-made Whoopie Pies! 

... Back in December, I was approached by SunRun to help them with some goodies for their upcoming product launch. Because I LOVE making goodies, especially Whoopie Pies, I naturally agreed to help them out.

... So, I know that you are wondering what exactly SunRun is and why exactly they would want Whoopie Pies featured at their product launch? Well I will inform you!

... In a new world where we all have to think about the not-so-lovely things we have done and are doing to our enviornment, SunRun is taking big strides make a difference when it comes to energy and how we use it. For, SunRun believes, "electricity costs too much and it's dirty to create". So, that said, they set out to "offer homeowners the opportunity to switch to clean electricity at no cost and lock in their rate for the future." Ah ha! Got it! They are a residential solar company! Cool! 

... But what about this gathering? What were they celebrating? Well, back in December, SunRun introduced a new tool to assist their customers in their pursuit of solar power. SunRun launched their new solar calculator and map. The map, according to SunRun, "allows you to learn about sustainability efforts going on in different states, energy use, and find 'Solar Stars'". It seems pretty cool, and if you want more information about it, you can learn more at

... So, then, WHY whoopie pies?? Well, it all has to do with SunRun's current demographics. You see, SunRun operates and has thousands of customers in four states: California, Arizona, Colorado, and Massachusetts. They decided to theme this launch as a nod to their locations and incorporate the solar theme at the same time. Since whoopie pies are a good old fashioned New England sweet treat (and I'm from Massachusetts and have a recipe for these little goodies), it was decided that they would be the dessert of choice to honor the customers from Massachusetts. I was happy to supply some New England pride to the party!

... Therefore, for this celebration, I made about 4 dozen Whoopie Pies, and then colored the filling in a range of yellows and oranges to evoke a feeling of the sun's colors and rays. I packaged the pies in batches mixed with all the colors. I had a ton of fun making them, and they went over really well, according to my friends over at SunRun. SunRun then set them up at their shin-dig and provided their own little tags to put by the treats to tell everyone what they were.

... Thanks to Allana Helland and SunRun for letting me share my goodies with your fabulous people!

... If you want to know more about SunRun, check out their website, and see them "in the news" at these links:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Welcome Advice"...

... that is what I was asked about when Brides Northern California contacted me to be in their Spring/Summer 2010 issue.

... Brides Northern California invited Woods&Company to talk about what is important when welcoming your guests who have traveled to your wedding from out of town. I cover the basics and there is an example of one of my projects featured in the column.

... If you are in NorCal and are interested, pick up a copy and take a look at "Welcome Advice". Also, there is a great interview with Kathryn Kalabokes of Dream A Little Dream Events about Creative Ceremony Ideas. Check it out!

... Enjoy!