Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone!

I have been back here on the East Coast celebrating with my family and catching up with some friends (although I didn't get to see ALL my friends, which made me sad, but I will be back in a month, so hopefully we can reconnect soon!).

We flew in on Tuesday evening and headed right to my parents house in Western Mass, which according to my city slicker husband, is "the boonies". I assure you it is not "the boonies", but it is quieter and more spread out than San Francisco, and it is just the perfect place to be to slow down, relax and spend time with the family for the holidays. My life in SF is so busy, so on the go, that I really look forward to quiet nights at home, drinking wine with my mom and catching up on gossip from the hometown. Anyway, when we arrived, sure enough, the wood stove was all fired up, and the chardonnay was chilled! It was the gateway to the perfect Thanksgiving break.

On Wednesday, we braved the supermarket to pick up some last minute ingredients for some desserts we were making, and made our way back home for an afternoon of baking with my mom. Well, I guess I should clarify... I spent the afternoon baking with my mom, while my husband spent the afternoon reading and watching some television.

Homemade apple pie, homemade pecan pie, and whoopie pies were all successfully created after just a few mishaps... one being that the pecan pie stayed in the oven a tad too long, so a new one was made. The other involved unknowingly making whoopie pie dough with self-rising flour... "whoops" for sure! I'm telling you, life is difficult when you are not in your own kitchen! Anyway, in the end, all turned out yummy and the feasting began!

Thanksgiving Day was spent at my sister's house with her children, her husband, his cousin, a student of my brother in law, my parents, my aunt, and my brother. Now, that might not sound like a lot to many people out there, but I come from an AMAZINGLY small family (interesting, considering that BOTH of my parents families are Irish Catholic...go figure), so anything over 8 people is quite an accomplishment! The food was great, the company was even better!

Since then, I have been relaxing, working on some projects, and catching up with some friends.

We fly out on Tuesday evening from Boston, so today, my husband and I drove back to my sister's, which is closer to Boston, and we'll stay here until we head out. We always like to spend the last few days of our trips out here because it gives us a chance to spend time with my sister and her husband and most importantly, spend some QT with our nieces. Today we went to the local Y where they showed off their swimming prowess. I was quite proud of both of them and had an amazing time.

So, this entry has nothing to do with anything I normally write about, but sometimes it's good to just relax a bit and enjoy life.

I have been working on a few things, however, and should have some photos up in the next few days.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving, and let's all remember the real beauty of the holiday season that is now upon us in full force: spending time with friends and family and appreciating all the wonderful things in life.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh The Places We've Been...

...well, I know I'VE been M.I.A., but the title of this blog entry refers to my latest project.

... My client contacted me and wanted to do some favors for the festivities that were being held the night before her friend's wedding. She is a bridesmaid in the wedding and thought it would be fun to do something for all the girls and the bride to help everyone relax and have fun as they spent the night before the big day in the bride's suite.

... The theme came from talking to the bridesmaid about all the girls and where they are from, where they have been, and what adventures they have had together. Not all the bridesmaids know each other well, so this was also an opportunity for the girls to get to know one another better.

... And so, the idea of "Oh The Places We've Been" came to be! we settled on a travel theme for the favors, creating well traveled "suitcases" from simple gable boxes. I created stickers that highlighted where all the girls were from, where they had studied, where they had traveled, and where they have lived. Let me tell you, these girls are globetrotters! The wedding is taking place in LA, so I created retro-looking "luggage tags" for each girl with the destination as "Cara's Wedding, LAX"

... The travel theme was carried through all the tags and labels, and the colors of the wedding were used here and there...brown, silver, green, and rust...neat color combo, I think! Perfect for a Thanksgiving weekend wedding!

... Since the girls don't all know each other, my client and I thought it would be fun to devise a little "game" or activity for them while they spend the evening together. So, each girl got a card in her pack that asks her to tell a story, a funny moment, a special memory of times they've had with the bride. It's a way for all the girls to get to know how they all connect, AND hear some fun stories about the bride!

... Included in this favor pack are: water, advil, a personalized champagne glass (automatic wine charm!), and a soothing gift pack of soap, lotion, and body wash to help the girls relax as they get ready for the big day.

... I had a ton of fun doing this project, it was a great idea on the part of my client! I just wish I could be there to hear all the wonderful tales of this fun, well traveled bride! I hope to post some better pictures soon!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sorry I've Been M.I.A...

... I have just had a really hectic week, last weekend I was in Lake Tahoe with one of my best friends, Roxanne. We were visiting our friend and my sister-in-law, Courtney, who was up at Squaw for the week being Ms. Head Honcho for her company's sales meeting. She works for The North Face and is the one who coordinates their sales meetings and basically is the brains behind the operation.

... We went to go see her at the end of the sales meeting, and to relax in Tahoe. It was quite a great time

... From there I just had a crazy hectic week with work and school and things to do for Woods&Co! The week got away from me and so did this weekend. Here it is Sunday evening, and my "To Do" list isn't any shorter...

...alas, I am planning on doing a blog entry highlighting some great new stores that I have found lately that have given me some real inspiration...hopefully I will be able to get to that this week!

... stay tuned for some great new places to get all sorts of great stuff!

... oh, and Happy November!