Friday, October 22, 2010

... A Sweet Addition to Woods&Company...

... Well, life has been quite busy these days, my husband Jeff and I just last week welcomed with great love and excitement our first child into the world! Baby Katherine was born last Friday and we are totally in love with her! So, you'll forgive me if I have been a little pre-occupied lately! The past few weeks have been taken over first by my "nesting" instinct and the urge to REST, and then the arrival of Katy and now life amongst feedings, changings, and lots and lots of holding and staring at our little girl with awe!

... However, I don't want to leave you without any good Woods&Company "stuff", so I am including some pictures of a project I did right before the baby arrived. I created some welcome bags for a wedding here in San Francisco at the end of September.

... Roy and Danielle got married at the St. Francis hotel in San Francisco on September 25, 2010.  They contacted me about creating some welcome bags for their guests who were staying at the St. Francis and a few other hotels in the Union Square area. They had seen my travel case welcome gift box in the Spring/Summer issue of Brides Northern California, and wanted to do something similar.

... We wound up using the same graphics for their gifts as I used in the travel case, but designed the gifts in simple white bags and used the fonts from their wedding invitations. The red color was also one of their wedding colors.

... We included in these bags two water bottles with custom made labels, a packet of tissues, some Ghiradelli chocolates, a packet of pretzels, a packet of gum, some ibuprofin (essential in post-party recovery!), maps of San Francisco, and custom designed welcome letters to the guests, a weekend itinerary for the guests, and Roy and Danielle's favorite things to do in San Francisco.

... The pictures shown below were actually the mock up photos that I did while designing the gifts, I am getting all set to photograph the actual bags with all the contents to post online.

... I love the simplicity of these gifts, and I hope the guests felt most welcomed!

... Congratulations to you, Roy and Danielle! I hope you are enjoying your new life as husband and wife!