Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sorry I've Been M.I.A...

... I have just had a really hectic week, last weekend I was in Lake Tahoe with one of my best friends, Roxanne. We were visiting our friend and my sister-in-law, Courtney, who was up at Squaw for the week being Ms. Head Honcho for her company's sales meeting. She works for The North Face and is the one who coordinates their sales meetings and basically is the brains behind the operation.

... We went to go see her at the end of the sales meeting, and to relax in Tahoe. It was quite a great time

... From there I just had a crazy hectic week with work and school and things to do for Woods&Co! The week got away from me and so did this weekend. Here it is Sunday evening, and my "To Do" list isn't any shorter...

...alas, I am planning on doing a blog entry highlighting some great new stores that I have found lately that have given me some real inspiration...hopefully I will be able to get to that this week!

... stay tuned for some great new places to get all sorts of great stuff!

... oh, and Happy November!

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  1. head honcho. hehehehe. it's a fun job and someone's got to do it ;-) so glad you two joined me for a bit!