Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am so in love with these mini suitcases...

... that I was dying to design a gift package around one of them! I spent part of my Thanksgiving break working on this design for an upcoming article. I really have to say, this was a really fun package to design, and it really illustrates how easily your guests can be personally welcomed with some simple ingredients.

...The contents of this package are quite simple, a few bottles of water, some local chocolates, a package of tissues, and some local visitors maps of San Francisco. What makes this package special are some really simple things that you can do to make your guest feel special.

... a personalized tag on the outside of the case, a warm note of welcome from the bride and groom, and a weekend itinerary are an easy way to let your guests know how much it means that they have travelled to share in your special day. Also included in this package was a list of area favorites from the bride and groom, including restaurants, bars, golf courses, and spas.

... so, take the ingredients, pair it up with some personalized notes, and put it all together with your wedding colors or cute graphic, and you've got a beautifully coordinated, fun, and special welcome gift for your guests!

... Here are some more shots of the details of the gift...

...happy designing!


  1. Love love love that golden gate bridge design!! I may need that some day ;-)