Monday, October 31, 2011

A Personalized Thank You...

Recently, Kelly Dolata and the gals from A Savvy Event in Sonoma came to me to help them thank some very people. They recently spent a weekend up at the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe for a Wedding FAM weekend.

They had such a wonderful time and wanted to thank the team up at the Ritz in a special way.

Kelly had a great idea of making the gift personalized for the team. She wanted to highlight where each woman was from, but also have a group gift and keep the whole thing cohesive. 

We decided an small individual gift for each gal along with a small gift from Sonoma county that they could enjoy together would work well. To pull it all together, I created an icon that would represent both the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe and A Savvy Event in Sonoma. And, since we are smack dab in the middle of the fall season, the color palette, font and basket all evoke a lovely autumnal coziness. 

Here are some images of the final product and some more details of the gift!

Cranberry, Orange, and Gold ribbons around a wooden bushel basket give this gift just the right touch of that fall and harvest feeling. It features a Thank You note for the whole team secured to the front of the basket. A script font with a wine glass and pine cone icon melds  the feeling of Lake Tahoe outdoors and Sonoma Wine Country with sophistication.

The basket contains a small gift personalized for each gal. This one is for Placerville, CA native Andrea, and is a small bottle of wine regional to her home town. Each individual gift has a personalized note featuring the wine glass and pinecone icon mounted on wine colored paper and secured with the cranberry, orange, and gold ribbons.
Clodagh, from Ireland got some traditional Irish soda bread handmade from John Campbell's Irish bakery in San Francisco.
Some 100% Kona coffee (Peet's) should keep Blanche's Hawaiian roots very happy!
Two bottles of Sonoma Syrup Company drink mixes along with a nice bottle of spirits was a little something representative of A Savvy Event's locale that the whole team can enjoy!
The inside of the Thank You note from A Savvy Event that adorns the front of the basket.
The basket has a personalized Thank You note to each of the gals.  The Ghiradelli solid milk chocolates in the shape of the Golden Gate Bridge are a special little extra provided by Woods&Company.
Another view of the whole basket before departing to its recipients!

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