Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blue and Green Preppy Welcome Gifts

I have been doing a lot of reaching out to fellow wedding vendors recently, for reasons which I will be getting in to in another post soon. 

However, I have been hard at work on developing some new things for Woods&Company, and since I have been setting up some meetings with local wedding planners, I created this preppy blue and green sample wedding welcome gift and coordinating favor and "late night snack" for wedding goers. The gift serves as a leave behind to these vendors to show their clients exactly what Woods&Company can do!

The inspiration for this design came while I was on a run a while back here in San Francisco. I already had the blue and green theme in mind, but the idea behind the events list and the note on the box came while I was winding my way through the Presidio of San Francisco.

The Presidio recently opened The Inn at the Presidio, which is a former unmarried Officer's quarters from when the Presidio was an active military base. The building is beautiful. They are also re-doing the Officer's Club, which is literally next door to the Inn, and a beautiful small chapel is also on the grounds. In this imaginary wedding, the couple has blocked out rooms at the Inn for their guests, and are hosting the welcome BBQ there, as well as the farewell brunch. The wedding ceremony takes place at the Chapel of Our Lady, and the reception at the Presidio Officer's Club. I had such a great time dreaming up this wedding while on my run, I'm kind of disappointed that it doesn't exist! Someone, please, have a blue and green preppy wedding in the Presidio!

Anyway, this gift is very simple, but satisfying for the guests. Two bottles of Voss water, a bag of "savory" snacks (gourmet kettle chips), a bag of "sweet" snacks (locally made gourmet chocolate chip cookies) and a card outlining the weekend's events. The contents of the gift are placed in a brown kraft gable box with a welcome note adhered to the front. 

I also created favors and "late night snack" packaging for this imaginary wedding. The favors are simple small glass jars filled with candies and adorned with a tag. The "late night snack" came to fruition because the Inn at the Presidio has a back deck with fire pits. I thought it would be fun to hand out "S'mores Kits" to each guest toward the end of the reception. These come complete with graham crackers, chocolate squares, marshmallows and even a personal skewer with which to do the roasting!

And here's the whole design!

I hope you enjoy the images, and as always, this design and all others that I have done are available to you. This specific design is available in my Etsy shop.

For more information, please contact me at woodsandcompany{at}gmail{dot}com. 


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