Wednesday, January 6, 2010

... Happy 2010! All about the family...

 Happy New Year everyone! It hardly seems possible that we are already at 2010!

...well, this new year has started with a real celebration! On January 1st, we welcomed my baby nephew into this world. I was thrilled to be able to be there and meet him in person. It was an exciting day and everyone is really happy. I was also very happy to be able to take care of my nieces while mommy and daddy were at the hospital with "Baby Brother" as he was affectionately named while in the womb. We had a great time, playing, doing art projects, and having a special lunch at Friendly's (believe me, it was special for them, but the food isn't the greatest, I was more interested in the ice cream!)

...speaking of my nieces, while I was at my sister's, I finally was able to get a picture of the invitations I made for Amelia's birthday party in December. Amelia just turned six and has a great interest in both science and history. She is particularly interested, at the moment, in history of colonial America. It's good for my sister that they live in Massachusetts -- lots of historical stuff all around! Therefore, this year, she decided that she wanted a pilgrim/colonial themed birthday party. Of course, I volunteered to make the party invitations! create the invitations, I found an image of a pilgrim girl and used it to model a "paper doll", layering the different papers and pieces of clothing. I chose the font because it reminded me of old fashioned calligraphy done with a quill. Finally, I lined the envelopes with a matching paper that made me think of old block printed wall paper. is the invite for her "Colonial" birthday party. (I blurred out the RSVP before posting this image) Enjoy!

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