Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random Things...

... ok, so Martha has her "Good Things". In my life, I have a series of "Random Things". I know what you are thinking, "Um, yeah, so does everyone!"Well, that is true. However, as my good college friend Liz said, I often have these really odd coincidences and small world experiences. Particularly when it comes to college people (which, you have to understand, is significant because I went to school with only about 2000 people and it was in  the middle of nowhere in New York state).

... That being said, it is not often that you see people with St. Lawrence sweatshirts or see a sporting event on television. It is even more rare, PARTICULARLY in San Francisco, that you SEE anyone that you might have known at school walking down the street.

... Anyway, as you know, I was back east for a good long visit with family over the holidays. I went to the grocery store in my sister's town to get some food for New Years Eve. Now, since I probably have adult ADD, I got distracted when walking by the magazine section. I wanted to see if the latest issue of Brides magazine was on the shelves (that is a whole other story I will tell in the coming months). Alas, it was not there. However, being in Massachusetts, and not in San Francisco, there were some magazines on the shelf that are not available in California. My eye landed on Southern New England Weddings. I thought I'd take a look to see what is "in" in New England weddings these days, and to maybe get some inspiration for gifts and favors to try out.

... As I was flipping through, I noticed that they did a series of "Real Wedding" features in the magazine, highlighting weddings from Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Boston, etc. I was looking at it and thinking, "wouldn't it be funny if I knew one of these couples" (I am from New England, after all, and have lots of friends still in the area). Well, I turned the page, and sure enough, staring back at me from the page was a girl with whom I graduated! It was such a small world!

... Why am I writing about this? Well, I just thought it was a funny story, and I also thought that her wedding was really beautiful. It had some beautiful details and the bride looked really happy. I thought any of you out there who are planning a wedding or in the wedding business might find it interesting to look at.

... Although I don't think that she will ever see this blog entry, I just wanted to tell Tiffany congratulations on her beautiful wedding, and how exciting to be featured in this publication. Best wishes for a happy and healthy life to Mike and Tiffany!

... to check out her big day, see the link below:

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