Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Funny Anecdote about the Birthday Whoopie Pies...

... so apparently my niece loved the package of goodies I sent to her. Now, I have to say, I was pretty excited about that because I was in competition with the bouncy house that was rented for the kids to play in. If you read my last post, or if you know my niece, you know that i additio to sweets, she is REALLY REALLY into running, jumping, flipping, twirling, she's basically a thrill seeker. So, you can see that competition with the bouncy house was quite stiff.

Anyway, when I spoke with my sister about the package, and how it was recieved, I found out that although my niece loved the package and everything, she actually only had a bite or two of the gigantic whoopie pie I sent for her. Hmmm...ok, well they ARE pretty sweet, so maybe it was just a little too much. I can deal with that. But here's the kicker. Her older sister, who is completely opposite her in many ways (she is quieter, she plays more gently, she dosen't have that "thrill seeking" trait that her sister has, and most importantly, she isn't really into sweets and takes a really long time to finish them, if she finishes them at all), ate ALL of her whoopie pie right up, and loved it. I'm beginning to think the world is turning the wrong way. This must mean that my husband and I need to move back to New England to make sure everything is functioning properly!

Anyway, life is funny, and the stories from my young nieces are even funnier!

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  1. Move back to the East Coast? As long as I can visit anytime I want!