Monday, August 24, 2009

Orange Is The New Black... friend Roxanne just had a birthday and her husband threw her a BBQ to celebrate. If he was left to his own devices, all that would have been served would have been tri-tip and beer. Not that these things are bad, but my friends and I thought the celebration needed a little woman's touch. We all agreed to bring something to the party. I said I'd cover the desserts.

Since my friend Roxanne's favorite color happens to be orange, I thought I'd make some yummy mini cupcakes. I made the same chocolate cakes that I made for the baby shower (they were SO yummy, and Roxanne loves chocolate cake, so I couldn't resist!) and frosted them with homemade orange buttercream. I found little polka-dotted mini cupcake liners and they were perfect to complete the orange extravaganza!

Here are some photos! Happy Birthday Roxanne!

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