Sunday, October 4, 2009

ahh...Napa in the fall...

... today my husband Jeff and I had the honor of attending my friend Abby's wedding in the gorgeous Napa Valley. It was a beautiful day

... I should point out that this is the first weekend in October. Now, I know that is obvious. But, what you probably don't realize is that the first weekend in October seems to be the most popular wedding weekend of the year! Today marked the FOURTH YEAR in a row that we had a wedding to attend on this particular weekend. And I understand why! ALL FOUR weddings have been so beautiful and so filled with happiness and love. Two were in Napa, one in the lovely wine country of the East Bay, and one in Lake Tahoe... I had had the honor and the privilege of being at and involved in each one of the weddings. this year, we traveled to the BEAUTIFUL Auberge du Soleil in Rutherford, CA, in the Napa Valley. Now, Jeff and I were very excited for this wedding for a few reasons, not the least of which being seeing our friends get married! However, one of the four weddings we have attended on this weekend was ALSO at Auberge, 3 years ago. So, Jeff and I were so excited to return to a wedding venue that we KNEW was gorgeous, had wonderful staff, and delicious food! We were not let down today. Abby's wedding was such a wonderful time, a beautiful ceremony, a great band, delicious wine, and yummy food. The weather was incredible and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves... the only thing we would change is the fact that we both have to work tomorrow!

...anyway, please enjoy the pictures from this most beautiful of days!

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