Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Work In Progress, Part II...

... here are some more shots of the bags of gourmet yumminess that I am working on for my friend Abby... I'm hoping that I'll be able to get some shots of all the contents of the bags before they are distributed...

... the tags here were made by just importing a .jpg of Abby's wedding monogram and scroll into my mac document, and then overlaying text... I used the same font that was used on their wedding invitations, in order to give all of Abby's wedding pieces cohesive detail.

...once I had the documents formated to my satisfaction, I printed them onto cream colored cards. The font is a sage green color that matches her wedding colors.

... as you can see, I simply took two pieces of tissue paper, one sage green, one chocolate brown, layered them together and stuffed them into the bags...they are Abby's wedding colors and I think with the ligher brown of the bags they look quite nice.

... a simple hole was punched into the bag tags and then the tags were secured to the bags with a simple chocolate ribbon.

...I've also created an itinerary and a card describing the gourmet cheese that she is including in the bags, so I will have photos of those soon, when the assembly is all done! I think adding a simple itinerary card into a goodie bag is a simple way to make your guests feel really comfortable and reassured. Abby's has wedding weekend events listed as well as shuttle times so her guests are all set to celebrate all weekend!

... these are shots of the bags with the tags ready to be stuffed with the rest of the goodies!


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