Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Bicycle Built For Two...

... so my sister-in-law (the one with whom I made the dinner party place cards) has about a million friends. This is because she is such an amicable, warm, funny, caring, awesome person! My husband often jokes that he thinks I like his sister better than him, and perhaps that's why I agreed to marry him...

...anyway! One of Courtney's million friends is getting married soon. Courtney organized and threw a bachelorette party for this friend. She wanted to have some party favors, so she asked me to put together some bags for the event.

...what was IN the bags? Well, here's a list:

A bottle of water (important to stay hydrated when out partying!) with a personalized label (see photo)
A champagne glass personalized with every guest's name and yellow ribbons tied around the stem. This is an easy, inexpensive, creative and fun way for guests to keep track of their glass during the party.
A packet of "morning after" necessities: Advil and Rolaids... packaged and tied with a ribbon and homemade tag
A homemade Whoopie Pie, a yummy goodie for after the party! It was packaged and tied with a ribbon and homemade tag.
I also made tags for the bag.

Since the bride and future husband enjoy cycling together, I did a cycling theme for the bags. Her wedding colors are yellow and gray (a GREAT color combination!), so the bags were also themed around her colors, with yellow and gray ribbons, yellow bags, and gray and white tissue paper.

Giving (and getting!) party favors is always a fun thing, but I think it's even more fun and more special when they have meaning. Why do the "same 'ol, same 'ol" when you can make it really about the guest of honor?

All the tags were made just by using different color and patterned paper and layering them to make them interesting.

Here are the photos!

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  1. The favors were amazing! THANK YOU! And you are too nice to me ;-) but I am glad brother is finally accepting that you married him for me!