Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

... Courtney, THANK YOU for always being willing to help me out, especially at a moment's notice or bringing me things when I am stuck in the house because my husband took the car to go watch football at Casa de Olinger! (pro: no football playing incessantly on a Sunday; con: no car to go out and run errands!)

... So as you might have guessed from that first comment, my sister-in-law Courtney (whom I have mentioned previously on this blog) is wonderful and she does so many things for me all the time, always helps me out, and never complains. She's always gracious about it, and I really appreciate it. Today she went to Container Store for me to get some tissue paper and then dropped it off at my house...taking time out of her Sunday to drive across the city, buy these things and bring them to me, AND she had to drive through the thick of the Folsom Street Fair! What a sister-in-law!!

...ANYWAY, I thought it would be neat to make her a little thank you gift. Since I know that she loves the yellow and grey color combination that I used for the bachelorette party favors a few weeks ago (see earlier posts), I decided to use some of the leftover supplies I had from that project to make her some personalized note cards.

...I've also been OBSESSED with downloading new fonts lately, and so I tried out some new ones for this project. I think it's a cute twist on a monogram!

...Thanks again, Court! I really appreciate it! Happy corresponding!

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