Sunday, September 20, 2009

Come and knock on my door.... I spent this weekend in San Diego (well, Carlsbad) with two of my best college friends, Jen and Trinity. Such a great time, and completely relaxing! We got caught up, played with Jen's 16 month old, Robbie, and went to the beach...what a life...although I always say I want to move back to New England, San Diego would definitely NOT be bad either! But, I really can't complain, I have an incredible life in San Francisco (it just needs to be a tad warmer, lol!).

...ANYWAY, I am writing about this trip for two reasons...the first is that I received a TON of encouragement for my recent projects from my friends. They saw Mary's Bachelorette Party gift bags on Facebook and were very excited about them. I was encouraged to go into business, and I told them that was my intent. It's just so nice to hear encouraging words when you are trying to get something started and you're not sure if what you are doing is going to be taken seriously...I guess it is! Thanks Jen and Trin for your encouragement and support!

...the other reason why this trip was relevant was because the three of us decided to go to the movies on Saturday night (we were laughing comparing what we would have done out on a Saturday night together 10 years ago! We were all so excited to go to dinner and a movie and be back home and in bed by 10!), and luckily, none of us had seem Julie&Julia, a movie that I was really interested in seeing. Apparently we ALL had really wanted to see it, so it was really great that it was still playing! So we went to the movie, which I really enjoyed. But, the point of this whole thing is that I was really impressed by this young woman's determination and commitment to this project of hers. I could relate to her in parts of the movie, with her late nights, messy kitchen, and somewhat neglected husband. Even though I am just starting out, I have already had quite a few weekend days where I stayed in the kitchen ALL DAY making goodies, frosting goodies, packaging goodies. Then there is the labelling, packing, shipping, etc. It's quite an involved process. But, for her it paid off and I am hoping that if I stick with this it will pay off for me as well. She was able to change her life and do something that she really loved, I hope I can do the same.

...I guess the point of this entire entry is that I am very encouraged to continue what I am doing, and I want to thank all my friends and family who are so supportive and encouraging! I mostly want to thank my husband, who has been very patient so far and such a great taste tester, proof reader, and general reviewer of all things Woods!

Thank you all!

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